Princess Kit

Princess, Scholar, and Feline Inspiration

Princess Kit

Ruler of Kitsap and surrounding lands

Kit is princess of the Kitsap peninsula (Kit-sap itself being derived from Kit) and is its hereditary ruler, as well as certain surrounding territories. She has held this title since her ascension in 2018 and is adored by her subjects. She is known for being a just, fair, and adorable ruler, as well as being the first cat to balance the Kitsap County defense budget and implement property tax reform. Under her regime, Kitsap has seen positive growth in its economy, quality of life, and cat snuggling opportunities.

Kit is the known to be world's most adorable cat and continues to innovate in feline adorableness. Indeed, she has a reputation for disrupting feline adorableness. Among her more groundbeaking adorable behaviors are they flop, the twist-and-flop, the head-tuck, and the flop-and-tuck. She is also well known for producing local hip-hop acts and mentoring local glass artist Dale Chihuly.

Kit would like to use this platform to advocate for the Kitsap Humane Society, which has helped to provide homes for numerous underprivileged kittens. While there are rumors that they provide services (e.g. adoption, money laundering) for canines, Kit believes this is misinformation spread to discredit an organization that has done a lot of good for cats and the people they own. In particular, their Barn Cat Program has made great strides in promoting feline farm ownership. Thanks to this program, many cats own and operate successful farms in the area.